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FACEBOOK SCAM - 'Spiders Coming Out Of Guy's Leg'


Facebook message featuring an image depicting a man with a strange growth on his thigh invites users to click a 'play' button to view spiders coming out of the man's leg.

Facebook phising
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Brief Analysis

The message is a scam. There is no video. Clicking the link will take you to a fake Facebook Page that tries to get you to share the scam message with your friends and provide your personal information via dodgy survey websites.


{OPPs Time} Big Spiders coming out of the guys leg..!

Dare to watch for more than ten seconds

Detailed Analysis

Message Features Strange Growth On Leg

A message that features an image of what appears to be a bizarre growth on a man's thigh is currently making its way around Facebook.

The message invites you to click a 'play' button on the picture to view video footage of 'big spiders' emerging from the growth on the man's leg. The post dares you to try to watch the video for more than 10 seconds.

Post is a Typical 'Shocking Video' Scam

Thankfully, in this case, there is no video, no emerging spiders, and the teaser image used in the post is just a rather crude piece of photoshopping.

Like many other 'shocking video' posts on Facebook, the message is just a survey scam designed to trick you into spamming your friends with the same fake material and giving out your personal information on dodgy survey websites.

If you succumb to the temptation and click the link, you will be taken to a fake Facebook Page, complete with fake video player and equally fake user comments.

Then, when you attempt to play the video, a message will inform you that you must first share the video with your Facebook friends before you can view the footage.

But, of course, even if you do share as requested, you will still not get to see the video. Instead, an overlay will appear on the page that claims that you must complete a survey to watch the video.

Clicking any of the listed survey links will take you to various third-party websites that offer prizes in exchange for participating. But, to go in the draw for prizes, you will be told that you must provide your mobile phone number, or fill in forms that request your name and contact details.

But, by entering your mobile number, you are in fact subscribing to a ridiculously overpriced SMS 'club' that will charge you several dollars for each text message they send you.

Any details you provide may be shared with marketing companies and other third parties, and you will soon start receiving unwanted phone calls, emails and promotional letters.

Meanwhile, the scammer responsible for the fake post will earn a commission each time a person completes a survey or provides his or her information.

This scam is reminiscent of another recent survey scam that urged people to click a link to see a strange growth on a person's shoulder supposedly caused by a brand of shampoo.

Alternative Version Just a Prank

It should also be noted that an alternative version of the message that is also circulating is just a harmless prank. The prank version features the same image, but clicking the link takes users to a joke website that reveals that they have been 'owned' and invites them to prank their friends.


Last updated: August 19, 2014
First published: August 19, 2014
By Brett M. Christensen
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