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Viral Video Depicts a 'Mysterious' Black Ring In Sky Above England


Messages featuring video footage of a strange black ring floating in the sky above Leamington Spa in the UK suggest that no one can explain the ring's origin.

Brief Analysis

At first, the ring did indeed have experts baffled and the footage has generated a lot of speculation and debate. A flock of birds was suggested, as was a swarm of insects. A host of 'spooky' supernatural explanations were also put forward. Some, much more plausibly, claimed that the ring was smoke from a blown transformer. Later reports suggest that the ring was caused by fireworks, which were being tested in the area at the time.


Detailed Analysis

A video, which depicts a rather bizarre looking black ring floating in the sky above Leamington Spa UK, has been circulating rapidly, generating a good deal of debate and speculation as it travels.

Messages that circulate with the video claim that the footage was captured via iPhone by a sixteen-year-old schoolgirl. They also claim that nobody can explain what the ring actually is.

A number of theories quickly emerged. Predictably, some more wide-eyed commentators suggested witchcraft, alien invaders or other wacky supernatural explanations. More grounded folk tentatively suggested that the ring may have been a tightly grouped swarm of insects or flock of birds.

Others maintained that the ring was likely a smoke ring generated by a blown transformer. Given that the ring very closely resembles other such smoke rings caused by blown transformers, this is a very credible suggestion.

However, according to the BBC, the ring was most likely caused by fireworks. In an April 15, 2014 article the BBC notes:

The eventual answer came in the middle of Tuesday afternoon when a statement from Warwick Castle confirmed that they had been testing fireworks.

A Warwick Castle spokesman said they had been trying out 'fire effects' to go with the daily firing of the Trebuchet Fireball - a giant catapult.
'We've seen a number of different effects, including the vortex images that have been reported,' the spokesman said.

So, nothing spooky or supernatural and the ring is not a sign of impending alien invasion.

Last updated: April 17, 2014
First published: April 17, 2014
Written by Brett M. Christensen
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