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Subway Terrorist Attack Hoax

Email claims that a terrorist attack may occur in a US City on Friday, 1lth June, 2004 (Full commentary below).


Example:(Submitted via email, June 2004)
I don't know how true this is but I don't put anything pass our government. This was forwarded to me and I don't know what to think of i figured i might as well pass it on. Ya never know in today's world, its very scary.

This mass email to everyone is because of something that was brought to my attention the other day that I feel I need to tell as many people as possible incase it turns out to be true.. One of my colleagues has a good family friend who works in city hall. This friend called my coworker on Friday to tell him about some intelligence the city has gotten regarding a possible terror attack in the city (most likely the subways) planned for this Friday and urged him to avoid the subways if possible. He also told him something about the city placing an order for 2 to 3 thousand extra body bags. Now you have to take these things with a grain of salt because I am sure they get tons of this intelligence that turns out to be nothing. However there are some things that coinside with this Friday that seem to give it a higher probability than usual. The terrorists attacked the WTC on 9/11. They attacked Spain's subways on 3/11. This Friday just happens to be 6/11. Whether that means anything or not who knows. The thing that really has me concerned however is that all of a sudden a lot of things are now closed on Friday due to Reagan's death. The stock market, banks, Mail and all federal buildings are closed. Obviously Reagan's death wasn't planned but the fact they chose Friday as the day to do this big honoring of him strikes me as a little to coincidental (less people going to work = less people on the subway). The question that I get most when I tell people about this is why wouldn't they go on TV and warn people. Well I think the answer to that is simple....they can't. They would cause mass hysteria and the city would be out of control. Take this information and do withit what you want. I just felt the need to tell as many people as I could. God forbid something does happen this Friday and some people get hurt or die that I know and could have warned about it and didn't, wellthat would be a tough pill for me to swallow. I hope all this is bull and nothing happens this Friday or any day for that matter. Onething is for certain though if I have to work on Friday I am taking a cab.

This hoax email began spreading in early June, 2004. The message claims that a terrorist attack on the subway system of a US city may occur on Friday, 11th June. The message does not specify a particular city, but the assumption is that it refers to New York. Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne of the New York police has dismissed the email as a baseless rumour.

A Reuters news article published at the time noted:
The police department has received no credible threat information concerning a widely circulated e-mail message that discusses a purported subway attack allegedly planned for Friday, June 11th"

Since the World Trade Centre attack, a number of similar, and equally bogus, email rumours have circulated. Many of these earlier hoaxes also claim that extra body bags have been ordered and make contrived connections between certain dates. If there had been credible intelligence about a possible terrorist attack, the US Government would have alerted its citizens in the proper manner. The email claims that the government chose Friday as the day to honour former President Reagan in a clandestine attempt to minimize casualties, but this strikes me as ridiculous paranoia.

There are enough real terrorist threats in our modern world without muddying the waters with pointless rumours like this one. It is important to check the validity of all warnings of this nature before you forward them to others.

Write-up by Brett M.Christensen