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The King of Sweden Has Not Been Shot

Internet Rumour claims that Sweden's King Carl XVI Gustaf has been shot in Athens (Full commentary below).


According to online news reports, a fake BBC news story is responsible for an Internet rumour that claims that Carl XVI Gustaf, the King of Sweden has been shot in Athens while attending the 2004 Olympic Games.

The fake site was designed to look like a real BBC news story and carried the headline Sweden's King murdered. The story goes on to claim that:

Swedens King Carl XVI Gustaf was shot in Athens this evening when he was on his way back to his hotel after watching the Swedish table tennis star Jan-Ove Waldner beat Timo Boll, Germany, in the Olympic games.
Apparently, the story has already begun to circulate via email and is sure to spread far and wide.

Personally, I do not find these sort of fake news reports in the least bit funny. Falsely claiming that someone has died is in exceedingly poor taste. Another false news report recently claimed that American Idol's William Hung died of an intentional drug overdose.

Luckily, both Mr. Hung and the King of Sweden are alive and well.

Write-up by Brett M.Christensen