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'Tesco Game' £500 Voucher Giveaway Facebook Scam

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According to a Facebook Page that calls itself 'Tesco Game' and features the Tesco logo, you can win a £500 Tesco voucher just by sharing a post from the Page.

The post claims that 50 winners will be chosen at random. It features an image depicting several Tesco Clubcard vouchers.

However, the Page is fraudulent and has no connection to Tesco. And, it is not giving away vouchers as claimed. In fact, the Page is a like-farming scam designed to trick users into liking and sharing.

The scammers who created the fake Tesco Page are intent on accumulating a large number of Page likes as quickly as possible. Once a Page has gained a high number of likes, the scammers can use it to promote survey scams or other types of online fraud.

Often, Facebook scammers start off with a simple like-farming post in order to gather large numbers of potential victims. Once they have achieved this aim, they can launch other scams that have a more direct financial pay off. For example, rather than launch directly into a survey scam that will earn money via underhand affiliate marketing schemes, a canny Facebook scammer will first put in the groundwork by creating a larger audience to target. And an effective way to achieve this aim is to launch a voucher giveaway like-farming post.

Alternatively, after substantially growing their Page likes, the scammers may sell the Page on a very active black market. The more Page likes the scammers have managed to gather, the more the Page will likely sell for.

Once sold, the fake Pages can be used to further the nefarious aims of their new owners.

The Tesco Clubcard image used in the scam post has been taken from earlier news articles about fraud involving Tesco vouchers.

This version is a little subtler than others of its ilk in that it does not specifically ask users to like the page. It just asks people to share. But, the scammers know that many people will click 'like' and add a comment as well as sharing.

Like-farming scams like this one are very common on Facebook. Despite a great deal of publicity about such scam Pages, people continue to participate in them 'just in case'.

Don't fall for such ruses! Be very cautious of any Facebook Page or post that claims that you can win valuable prizes just by liking and sharing.



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They are here, and ready to go. Who wants a £500 Tesco Voucher? Share this pic and 50 winners will be chosen at random on the 31 May! Good Luck!

Tesco Game Like-Farming Message

Tesco Game Like-Farming Facebook Page

Last updated: May 26, 2015
First published: May 26, 2015
By Brett M. Christensen
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