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Disney World Vacation Facebook Survey Scam

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Facebook Page claims that you can win a vacation for 5 people to Disney World along with a $5000 giveaway by liking, sharing and commenting on a promotional post and then clicking a link.

Facebook Survey Scam

Brief Analysis

The Facebook Page has no connection to Disney World. It is not giving away vacations. It is a scam designed to trick you into first promoting the same scam to all of your Facebook friends and then providing your personal information via dodgy survey websites.



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Attention we're giving you the chance to win a Disney Vacation for up to 5 people with a $5,000 give-away.
Share, Like & Comment then go here for a chance to win: [Link removed]
Limited time only, Like to keep updated on current giveaways.

Disney World Survey Scam

Detailed Analysis

'Disney World Facebook Page Promises 'Amazing' Vacation Prizes

This Facebook Page supposedly offers you the chance to win an 'amazing' vacation to Disney World for up to five people along with a $5000 giveaway.

The Page claims that you can enter by liking, sharing, and commenting on a prize post and then clicking a link to visit an external website.

It warns that the offer is for a limited time only.

Page Not Associated With Disney World - Survey Scam

However, the Facebook Page is fraudulent. It is not associated with Disney World and it is not giving away Disney World vacations. There are no prizes. The Page is a typical survey scam.

If you like, share, and comment as instructed you will promote the Page's posts via Facebook, thereby exposing your Facebook friends to the scam as well.

Then if you click the link, you will be taken to a bogus website that appears to host a prize entry form (see screenshot below). However, a popup window will claim that you will not be allowed to continue until you have completed a survey. The popup will contain a list of links that lead to various survey websites.

The survey websites will promise the chance to win further prizes in exchange for participating. They will ask you to supply name and contact information as a prerequisite for entering. However, fine print on the page will inform you that your details will be shared with third-party marketers. Thus, after entering, you will likely find that you start receiving unwanted marketing phone calls, emails, and surface letters from companies you have never heard of.

And, in some cases, you may have inadvertently subscribed to a very expensive SMS service that will charge you several dollars for every useless message they send you.

However, no matter how many surveys you complete you will never get to fill in the fake prize claim form.

The scammers who create these fake Facebook prize Pages will earn an affiliate commission every time somebody provides their information via a survey.

Fake Facebook prize Pages like this one are very common. Be wary of any Page or post that promises valuable prizes in exchange for liking, sharing, commenting, and filling in surveys.

Fake Disney World prize entry page

Last updated: July 25, 2015
First published: February 23, 2015
By Brett M. Christensen
About Hoax-Slayer

What is a Facebook Survey Scam?
Facebook Survey Scams

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