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OUTDATED - Viral Video of Mother Beating Baby


Viral social media message that features a disturbing video of a woman beating an infant asks users to share the footage as much as possible in the hope that the offender can be identified and brought to justice.

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Brief Analysis

The footage is genuine. However, the abuse took place back in 2011 and the mother was subsequently convicted and jailed for the crime. The baby was placed in foster care and was reportedly doing well. Circulating the message is therefore pointless. Police have asked users to delete the message rather than sharing it.


Viral Video Mother Beating Son Outdated

This is the most evil and disgusting video I've EVER seen. It should go viral. I found it on Facebook. If the world can let Gangnam style go to billion+ viewers, the world can see this and this baby can be rescued before they kill him/her. It's not enough to just view it and weep. Share it again and again. On every social network. Someone knows these criminals. They can be found and brought to justice. The videographer is just as evil for sitting there recording instead of stopping the madness. And they have another kid watching, learning this wickedness. Do it for all the billions of abused babies and children around the world!

Detailed Analysis

A disturbing video depicting a young woman aggressively beating a baby with her fists and a pillow is currently circulating virally via social media. A message that circulates with the video asks users to share the footage in the hope that the woman can be identified and brought to justice for her abuse.

Real Video But Woman Was Already Found And Convicted:

The footage is genuine and shows a young Malaysian mother abusing her 10-month-old baby. The abuse took place in a suburb of Kuala Lumpur back in May 2011. The teenaged mother was subsequently arrested and served an 18-month sentence for the abuse of the child.

The child was placed into foster care and is reportedly doing well.

Police Ask Users Not to Share Video:

The Australian Federal Police have asked people not to repost the message, noting via their Facebook Page:
Folks we are aware of a video circulating on social media depicting a form of child abuse. This is an old video. The offender has been convicted of the abuse and was sentenced to a term of imprisonment.
If you see this video in your newsfeed, do not share it and do not comment on it, as this will only serve to prolong the video's social media life.
If you see the video in your newsfeed, just delete it.

Sharing is Pointless:

Given that the woman has already been brought to justice and the baby is now safe, sharing the message is utterly pointless and is likely to be counterproductive. The continued circulation of such messages can waste the time of police who must respond to questions from concerned members of the public and deal with false sightings.

Moreover, especially as the child victim grows older, continued exposure to the footage may cause her further distress and anguish.

If you receive this message, please do not share it with others. And please let the poster know that the woman was arrested years ago and the continued circulation of the video serves no useful purpose.

Last updated: May 26, 2014
First published: May 26, 2014
Written by Brett M. Christensen
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