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Vodafone 'Check Your Bill Online" Phishing Scam

Email purporting to be from mobile phone service provider Vodafone, invites recipients to click a link to view their bill online.

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Brief Analysis
The email is not from Vodafone. It is a phishing scam designed to trick users into divulging their account login details to Internet criminals. Armed with the stolen data, the criminals can hijack the compromised Vodafone accounts, steal any personal and financial information stored within, and use the accounts for further fraudulent activities.

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Dear Customer

Just to let you know, your monthly bill's are ready for you to view online at my  (Vodafone online account) and you can click on the link below to view your bills.

Check your bill now >

Need help understanding your bill?

If this month's bill is a bit more than usual, it could be because:
You went over the minutes, texts or internet included in your plan
You used your phone abroad or called international numbers
It includes usage outside of your plan - like calls to numbers starting '08'
Got a question? Find the answer in our online support area

Keep track of your spend, wherever you are

There are quick and easy ways to see the minutes, texts and internet you have left.

Online - just log in to My Vodafone
By phone - call 44555 free from your Vodafone mobile

Vodafone Customer Services team

Please don't reply to this email, because your message won't reach us.
We're always careful with the information you give us. If you'd like to find out more about how we keep and use it, take a look at our privacy policy. See what you can do to keep your personal information safe too.


Check your account online

Vodafone Check Bills

Detailed Analysis

This email, which purports to be from mobile phone service provider Vodafone, claims that the latest monthly bill is ready to view. The message invites users to click one of several links to access their account and view their bill online.

However, the email is not from Vodafone.  It is a phishing scam designed to trick Vodafone customers into giving their account login details to cybercriminals.

Those who fall for the trick and click one of the links in the expectation of viewing their bill, will be taken to a fake login page designed to emulate the genuine Vodafone website. After they have provided their Account type, username and password and click the submit button, a "Thank you for updating your account" message will be displayed in the victim's browser.

A link on the fake page labelled "Click here to Proceed" will direct victims back to the genuine Vodafone website.

Once they have collected the stolen login credentials, the scammers can use them to log into the genuine Vodafone accounts, steal any useful information they contain, and proceed with further fraudulent activities via the compromised account.

Fake "view your bill" messages are a common phishing ruse. Be wary of any email purporting to be from your service provider that invites you to view a bill online, or claims that you must rectify a billing or account issue by clicking a link or opening an attached file.  This technique is used regularly by phishing scammers and is also often used to distribute malware.

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Last updated: December 19, 2013
First published: December 19, 2013
By Brett M. Christensen
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