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Vodafone 'One Unread Message' Phishing Scam


Email purporting to be from phone service provider Vodafone claims that you have one unread message on your Online Vodafone Account and should click a link to view the message.

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Brief Analysis

The message is a phishing scam and Vodafone did not send it. The link takes you to a bogus website designed to emulate a genuine Vodafone login page. Login details entered on the fake page can be collected by scammers and used to hijack your Vodafone account.


Subject: Vodafone New Message
Dear Customer,
You have one unread Message on your Online Vodafone Account.
2014 Vodafone Limited

Vodafone message scam

Detailed Analysis

'Vodafone' Email Claims You Have a New Message

This email, which purports to be from phone service provider Vodafone, claims that you have a new message waiting on your online Vodafone account. The email invites you to click a link to view your waiting message.

To make it seem more legitimate, the email includes the familiar red Vodafone logo.

Email is Not From Vodafone - Phishing

However, the email is a phishing scam and it is not from Vodafone.  Clicking the link will not take you to a new message. 

Instead, the link opens a fake website that is built to emulate a genuine Vodafone login page.

If you enter your account login details on the fake page, you will be automatically transferred to the genuine Vodafone website. But, your login details will be sent to the criminals.

Once they have collected your login information, the criminals can then easily hijack your real Vodafone account, use it to conduct fraudulent transactions, and steal even more of your personal details.

Vodafone has warned customers about this phishing scam on its website.

The 'new message' ruse has been used to target customers of many different companies. If you receive such an email, do not click any links or open any attachments that it contains.

It is best to login to your online accounts by entering the account address into your browser's address bar or via a legitimate company app.

Vodafone message scam

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Last updated: October 8, 2014
First published: October 8, 2014
By Brett M. Christensen
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