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Actor Wayne Knight is NOT Dead


Reports and rumours circulating via social media claim that popular actor Wayne Knight has been killed in a tractor-trailer accident.

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Brief Analysis

The claims are untrue. Wayne Knight is alive and well. The rumours originate from a fake news article published on the eBuzzd website. A shorter version of the article was also published on a TMZ knockoff website. The fake TMZ website links back to the eBuzzd article. The bogus death report is apparently just a callous attempt to increase website traffic. Wayne Knight played the character 'Newman' in the Seinfeld series. He has also appeared in Jurassic Park and a number of other productions.


Seinfeld Actor 'Newman' Killed in Tractor-Trailer Accident

Actor Wayne Knight, better known to most for playing one of the most indelible roles on NBC's 'Seinfeld' as the charater 'Newman' is dead and two other'passengers'are critically injured after their vehicle slammed into a disabled semi-tractor-trailer late Saturday night along Route 446 near the Pennsylvania-New York state border in Eldred Township.

Detailed Analysis

Rumours that are currently circulating rapidly via Twitter and Facebook suggest that the actor Wayne Knight has been killed in a traffic accident. Many of the posts link back to a 'news' article that claims that the actor died when the vehicle he was in crashed into a disabled tractor-trailer.

However, the claims in the report are untrue. Wayne Knight is very much alive. The man himself posted the following message on Twitter in response to the rumours:
Some of you will be glad to hear this, others strangely disappointed, but...I am alive and well!

The fake report was published on a website called 'eBuzzd'. The site has published a series of nonsensical reports, including false claims that the missing Malaysia airlines plane was found in the Persian Gulf. There are also several other fake celebrity death or injury reports on the site.

A shorter version of the fake Wayne Knight death report was also published on a site called 'TMZ Today'. This bogus website attempts to capitalize on the popularity of the genuine TMZ site. Many of the circulating messages about Knight's supposed demise link to the bogus TMZ site. The TMZ knockoff in turn redirects to the eBuzzd article.

Thus, its seems that the fake reports are designed simply to drive traffic to the two sites.

Wayne Knight is well known for his role as Jerry's archenemy 'Newman' in the Seinfeld TV series. He also played a villain in the film 'Jurassic Park'. He has appeared in a host of other productions.

Be wary of any message claiming that a celebrity has died. This is a common scammer ploy. Links in the fake messages can point to malware or phishing websites, rogue apps, or survey scams. Or, as in this case, they may be designed to increase traffic to a website or Facebook Page under false pretences.

Always check the veracity of such celebrity death messages. If a well-known person does die, the death is certain to be widely covered by the mainstream media. A simple search on a news aggregator service such as Google News should soon reveal if the death claims are true.

Last updated: March 17, 2014
First published: March 17, 2014
Written by Brett M. Christensen
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Seinfeld Actor 'Newman' Killed in Tractor-Trailer Accident
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