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WhatsApp Voice Call Activation Hoax

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According to this message, which is circulating rapidly via social media, you can activate free voice calling on WhatsApp by sending the same message to eight people or four groups.

WhatsApp is indeed rolling out a new voice-calling feature. However, the claim that you can activate the feature by sending on a silly message is untrue.

Initially, the voice-calling feature was available via invitation only. However, it is now reportedly available to Android users who download the most current version of WhatsApp. It will be rolled out to users of other phone platforms in coming weeks or months.

An article about the feature on CNET notes:
Now owned by Facebook, which paid $19 billion to acquire it, WhatsApp started life as a basic text-messaging app but one that also offered the ability to leave voice messages. The company has been promising to add a phone-calling feature, which would give the app the leverage to compete against similar services such as Skype and Viber. At last year's Mobile World Congress, WhatsApp co-founder Jan Koum said the voice calling would roll out to Android phones and the iPhone first, and then to Windows Phone and some BlackBerry phones.
So, according to industry commentators, if you use an Android phone, you should be able to access the new feature by downloading the latest version of WhatsApp from the company's website.

However, regardless of how many people or groups that you send the below message to, the feature will not be magically activated.

This hoax is reminiscent of an older hoax that falsely claimed that you had to send on a message to activate WhatsApp after Facebook acquired it. Another WhatsApp hoax claimed that you would be charged for sending messages if you did not send a notice to at least ten of your contacts.



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now whatssap has the option of free calls. Send this message to eight people or four groups and it will be activated. P.s. It is true

WhatasApp Voice Call Activation hoax

Hoax Message

Last updated: April 7, 2015
First published: April 7, 2015
By Brett M. Christensen
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