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Faux Image - 'Wild Hogfish' or 'Pig-nosed Fish'


Circulating message that features an image of a bizarre looking fish that has a pig-like snout claims that the fish is a new species discovered in Texas creeks and is called the 'Wild Hogfish'. Other variants of the message claim that the 'pig-nosed fish' - or alternatively 'pig fish' - was found in a South African dam or in the American state of Arkansas.

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Brief Analysis

The claims in the messages are untrue and the image is fake. There is no species of fish like the one depicted in the photograph. The fake picture was created by digitally manipulating a photograph of an ordinary fish.


A new species of fish has been discovered in Texas creeks. It's know as the Wild Hogfish and can be extremely aggressive, and their numbers are increasing like crazy. Very tasty, a little like bacon, they are good eatin'. Once reintroduced domestically, they become goldfish.

Pig Nosed Fish

Example 2

This 'pig-nose fish', was found in the dam of Clanwilliam, flowing waters of the Burg Rivers of Cape Town, South Africa

Detailed Analysis

Various messages are circulating online that feature an image depicting a very strange looking creature that has the body of a fish and the head and ears of a pig. One of the most common versions of the message claims that the image shows the so-called Wild Hogfish, a new species discovered in Texas creeks. The message claims that the fish tastes like bacon and are rapidly increasing in number.

Another message that features the same image calls the creature a Pig-nosed fish and claims that it was found in a South African dam. Yet another variant suggests that the 'amazing new fish' was discovered in Arkansas.

However, the image does not depict a real creature. Rather, it is the result of digital tomfoolery and was most probably created just as a prank. Whoever created the fake took the following image of an ordinary fish and rather cleverly manipulated it so that it appeared to have the face of a pig:

Several types of fish do have the common name 'pigfish', but they certainly do not have pig faces like the one in the above prank image.

Last updated: March 13, 2014
First published: March 13, 2014
Written by Brett M. Christensen
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