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HOAX - 'Wiltshire Church to Become Mosque and Bodies Dug Up'


Circulating social media message claims that a British church in Wiltshire, UK will be converted into a mosque and that bodies buried in the church's graveyard will be dug up and moved. The message features an image of the church.

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Brief Analysis

The claims in the message are outright lies. The pictured church is in Carlisle, not Wiltshire. Moreover, it is an active Christian church and is not about to be converted to a mosque. The message comes from an organization calling itself 'National British Resistance. The organization was founded by Joshua Bonehill, the same person responsible for the notorious troll blog, 'The Daily Bale'.


This historic British church in Wiltshire is being turned into a Mosque. Those who are buried there will be dug up and moved. Share if you disagree with this.

Detailed Analysis

Protest Message Claims Wiltshire Church to be Turned into Mosque

This message, which is currently circulating rapidly via social media, causing angst and consternation as it travels, claims that a historic British church in Wiltshire is being converted to a mosque. The message also claims that bodies buried in the church's graveyard will be dug up and moved elsewhere.

The message features a photograph of the church.

Claims in the Message are Lies

However, the claims in the message are outright lies designed to foster the political worldview of an organization that calls itself 'National British Resistance'.

The pictured church - St Michael’s, Stanwix - is not in Wiltshire as claimed. Instead, it is located in the Stanwix district of Carlisle, in North West England.

And, the church is still very much an active Christian church. There is no substance whatsoever to the claim that the church is going to be turned into a mosque.

The false claims in the message are obviously intended to whip up anti-Muslim sentiment among recipients and promote the bigoted, fascistic agenda of 'National British Resistance'. The organization's website, complete with swastika derived logo, outlines its sickening manifesto, which includes executing illegal immigrants, locking up people with mental illnesses in 'state owned asylums', and isolating 'sick and diseased' people from the general public.

'National British Resistance' Founded by Internet Troll Joshua Bonehill

But in fact, 'National British Resistance' is founded by the notorious Internet troll, Joshua Bonehill.  Bonehill is also responsible for a hate-filled political blog called The Daily Bale, which publishes and promotes lies disguised as news articles.

In April 2014, Bonehill was charged with malicious communication and narrowly escaped a custodial sentence after he published an article that falsely claimed that owners of the Globe Pub in Leicester, UK, had banned all British military personnel from entering their premises for fear of upsetting local non-British customers. After the false claim spread via social media, pub staff received a barrage of abuse and threats and the pub was forced to close for a time for security reasons.

Via The Daily Bale, Bonehill also spread a fake missing child poster that falsely claimed that 6-year-old Amy Hamilton was missing from the Croydon area of London after a suspected kidnapping by an 'Asian grooming gang'. In another fake message designed to stir racial hatred, Bonehill falsely claimed that 'an Asian youth' had punched a baby in the face.

The 'National British Resistance' website describes Joshua Bonehill in reverent, quasi-religious terms as 'the Founder' and 'leader and saviour of the people'. In fact, it seems very likely that Bonehill himself wrote the descriptions.

Nothing published by Bonehill should be taken seriously. By his actions, he has repeatedly shown that he is a person so debased and immoral that he is willing to tell heinous and damaging lies just to foster his own sickening political agenda.Bonehill has lost every shred of credibility as a political commentator.

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Last updated: July 28, 2014
First published: July 28, 2014
By Brett M. Christensen
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