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Fogg Hill Wolf Kill Warning Poster

Poster circulating online states that 176 head of livestock were killed by an active wolf pack between Fogg Hill and Pole Canyon on Saturday. The poster urges people to exercise caution because bears and scavengers may be feeding in the area.

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The claims in the poster are factual, but are now out-dated. The wolf kill described took place in Idaho, USA, back in August 2013, so the warning about the incident is no longer current. An August 20 report on the Teton Valley News website noted:
U.S. Forest Service officials are asking people to stay out of an area where a large sheep kill was reported over the weekend.

Jay Pence, Teton Basin District ranger, said the sheep kill could attract a lot of people hoping to see predators coming to feed on the carcasses.

Ranchers and others are trying to deal with the situation, and visitors can hamper their activities.
"There are a lot more fun things to look at than dead sheep," said Pence.
Idaho Wildlife Services confirmed Monday that 176 sheep were killed during a wolf attack near Fogg Hill and the Pole Canyon area early Saturday morning.

The animals belonged to the Siddoway Sheep Company and were grazing in the area about six miles south of Victor, according to a release from Siddoway. The attack, they said, occurred around 1 a.m.
The poster was clearly intended for a local audience and does not include a specific date. However, the poster continues to circulate online even though the incident described is now well and truly in the past.

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Wolf Kill Warning poster

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Last updated: November 1, 2013
First published: November 1, 2013
By Brett M. Christensen
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Wolves cause death of 176 sheep near Fogg Hill; Forest Service says stay out of area