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Fake-News Report Claims YouTube Will be Down For Three Weeks From October 1

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According to a 'news' report that is rapidly making its way around the interwebs, YouTube will be unavailable for a three week period due to a major update.

Supposedly, starting October 1, users who try to visit YouTube will see only an 'Under Construction' page that includes a countdown clock that displays how much time remains before the site reopens. The report claims that the updated YouTube will have a new layout, will load much faster, and will offer users different types of membership.

But, YouTube addicts can breath a sigh of relief. We won't be forced to go cold turkey for three weeks after all. The report is just a silly hoax. No such outage is planned. The report comes from the fake-news website 'Daily Media Buzz', which churns out an ongoing stream of nonsense gussied up as news.

The site does not identify its material as fiction, so many visitors are apt to take its fake reports seriously and share them with their friends.

Of course, Google does upgrade YouTube and its other offerings from time to time. However, it certainly does not take the affected service off line for extended periods during such upgrades.

Many fake-news stories continue to circulate via various social media channels and email. It is therefore wise to check any strange or unusual news reports that come your way before you share them with your friends. Searching via Google News or another news aggregator should reveal if a circulating story is true.



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Youtube Will Be Unavailable For 3 Weeks Due To Major Update Starting Oct. 1

California – Youtube Has Announced That It Will Be Under Construction For 3 Weeks While They Are Doing The Biggest Update In Youtube History.

YouTube Unavailable Hoax

Last updated: September 15, 2015
First published: September 15, 2015
By Brett M. Christensen
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Youtube Will Be Unavailable For 3 Weeks Due To Major Update Starting Oct. 1
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